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Aqua Aerobik

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Aqua Aerobic classes

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It is an exercise program that will keep you healthy, fit and in shape. Qualified instructors have developed a program of water gymnastics - Aqua Aerobics, which gives optimal results with minimal effort. Aqua Aerobics is a form of physical activity that is safe for the spine and pleasant for exercisers.

These exercises use elements of aerobics for exercises in water, which are more effective due to its resistance.

Aqua Aerobics takes place in the pool to the rhythm of music, which sets the pace and mobilizes you to exercise.

For the exercises, weights for ankles and wrists, swimming boards and foam tubes are used.

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Classes are held from Monday to Friday at 20:00 Classes last 45 minutes - in accordance with applicable regulations and recommendations of GIS

Price list:

  • 4 entries: 145 PLN (valid for 3 months)
  • 8 entries: 260 PLN (valid for 4 months)
  • 16 entries: PLN 470 (valid for 6 months)
    All tickets are personal
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